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Over 1.5 million homes in the UK rely on domestic heating oil, to keep their homes warm during the winter months.

Heating oil consumers also try to keep the cost of heating oil to the minimum by buying wisely from local independent suppliers without paying inflated prices on commission run web sites. That's where we come in to assist.

The problem is that the whole process of checking central heating oil prices is time consuming and can be confusing

Working out who is the best of all the heating oil suppliers, in terms of service and heating fuel oil prices isn't easy always easy, because all suppliers have high standards of service and the "best oil heating prices."

We do not receive commissions from any of our 210+ suppliers like other websites. We are proud to be the UK's only commission free heating oil website.

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Domestic heating oil shopper, community buying group or commercial business?

Are you spending valuable time searching for that elusive cheap heating oil price by phoning heating oil suppliers or visiting their websites for quotes?

If so, Heatingoilshop.com provides a simple, hassle free way to obtain priced heating oil quotes. By using our free quotes service you can select from the many heating oil suppliers that service your postcode, whether it’s in England, Scotland, Wales and now most of Northern Ireland.

Get multiple free heating oil quotes here on heatingoilshop.comOur site is designed to make obtaining central heating oil prices easy and quick. We have 32 years oil company experience. We are not affiliated to any heating oil suppliers. We do not take your money.

However, we do make it easier and quicker for you to obtain heating oil prices from all suppliers to your postcode that have an internet presence.

Ask yourself. How many phone calls? How any web sites? Shouldn't this time be better spent? Take control of your time and let our website introduce you to a hassle free experience,in getting competitive heating oil prices from local suppliers, and a warm house for less.

Is it worth shopping around?

Someone's keeping warm after using our heating oil quotes website
Yes, most definitely, it's worth shopping around to find a number of heating oil suppliers to your post code. Some heating oil suppliers will be local, some not so local and some will be nationwide suppliers, but they all want your business!

We now have access to over 212 independent heating oil suppliers up and down the country. There is no doubt that we are better placed than any other similar website to get you a competitive quote direct from the supplier without any commission fees!!!!

Remember, when heating oil suppliers compete for the best price and the highest quality of service, you benefit by getting a better deal and a wider choice of prices.

You select as many heating oil suppliers as there are available!

We recommend selecting 3 quotes or more. Next, complete your details, and click. Your details are saved, and we do the rest free of charge.

Great service is just as important as price, and there are many reputable heating oil companies out there that will give you both outstanding service and a good price.

No one has a crystal ball to know what the price of oil will be. However, if you work with the right company or group, and one that is loyal to their customers, you'll have peace of mind and be warm all winter long.

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